Brad Johnson is a former CIA station chief who has serviced in a covert capacity all over the world. He's also the founder of a group called "Americans for Intelligence Reform." So what's he doing headlining an event for a Montana Supreme Court candidate?

I caught up with CIA veteran Brad Johnson just before he spoke at an event supporting James Brown for the Montana Supreme Court.

What is driving this lawlessness and this chaos in America?

Brad Johnson: When the justice system fails, chaos reigns...criminal groups and political groups and business groups all became one thing. And that is the process that we've seen begin in the United States of America, because our justice system, and make no mistake- Department of Justice and the FBI are fully politicized and weaponized, the leadership is just completely off the deep end. And much proof of that is out there. When that process continues, the end state is an unavoidable, it is chaos that we're beginning to see.

Why is he here supporting Montana Supreme Court candidate James Brown?

Brad Johnson: Let's face it. What Montana has is an activist Supreme Court now, and it is the most overturned Supreme Court, State Supreme Court, in the United States of America. THE most overturned. And this is something where we normal people, American citizens, the Patriots, have to start to fight back.

Full audio with Brad Johnson, the president of Americans for Intelligence Reform:

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