I think this is a questions a lot of Montanans wonder. Christmas is special no matter the weather but here in Montana if it is going to be cold might as well have some snow. What is the long-term forecast looking like?

For the month of December things look pretty mild according to AccuWeather, but there is a chance of snow and a white Christmas. Now it doesn't seem that there are any strong storm systems, which for travelers are nice, but that could change in the next week.

The Kalispell area is expected to get a bit of snow and seems like it could be a white Christmas there. Missoula is expected to have light snow, so don't count the heavy white Christmas snow pack out but from the forecast it seems less likely then north of us.

Missoula and the Bitterroot will both get snow leading up to Christmas with the Bitterroot having a chance for a day or two more of snow.

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