Missoula Police have a woman in custody after a car wreck this morning. The problem though, according to Public Information officer Travis Welsh, is that they don’t know who they have in custody.

"This incident began early, just before 1:00 a.m., when an officer came upon a two vehicle collision on the Russell Street Bridge located in the 600 block of North Russell, the two drivers were originally identified, however, the investigating officers became concerned about one of them being honest about her identity."

When the officers investigated the identity of the woman he discovered information about a crime that occurred even earlier that morning.

"The vehicle she was driving had been recently stolen from a nearby convenience store," Welsh said. "She identified herself as 'Jasmine Sanchez', there doesn't appear that there were injuries involved and the other driver was released at the scene."

Welsh says that the woman’s court date may be delayed until her identity can be verified.