Police went out to a Missoula casino around 7:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 3 after an employee called in to notify authorities about some trespassers who refused to leave the parking lot.

"Officers were called to the report of a suspicious vehicle in a parking lot in the 3100 block of Brooks street," said Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh. "The complainant had said that a vehicle had been sitting in their parking lot for approximately three hours, it was occupied by three people, and they had not entered the business or appear to have any other purpose, so they went out and asked the people to leave."

But one woman in the vehicle wouldn’t leave, and was apparently busy taking a nap, which eventually led to felony charges.

"She said that she was the only one that was ever in the car and said that she just wanted to take a nap in the car. During the contact they identified her as 22 year old Amy Finsaas. She admittedto being a drug user and consented to a search of the vehicle. During the search they found a syringe loaded with a brown liquid later determined to be heroin."

Police never found the other two trespassing suspects, but Finsaas was charged with a felony for drug possession and two misdemeanors: one for possessing drug paraphernalia and another for criminal trespass to property.

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