The enormous volcano under Yellowstone park is only days away from exploding! At least, that’s the rumor being spread on YouTube and other websites after a 4.8 magnitude earthquake occurred near the time an interesting video of the park was posted online.

"Somebody found a video online of some bison in Yellowstone running," said Yellowstone National park Spokesman Al Nash. "They then re-posted that video trying to convince people that bison were running out of the park because of fears of ongoing earthquakes, and that there was potential for the Yellowstone super volcano to explode."

Nash says that there is no observable evidence that the super-volcano is about to erupt, and that the bison video tells a very different story.

"The video in question was shot several days before the earthquake. If you actually know Yellowstone, and you see those bison, they are running into the park and not out of. We have animals move this time of year. They are typically migrating to winter range."

Nash said that if the volcano were about to explode, there would be lots of strange geological activity in the area before the explosion.