Last night a GIANT show took place in Missoula. The one and only Carlos Santana made a stop in Montana for a live performance at The Adams Center, on the University of Montana campus. Performing for nearly 2 hours, Santana did not disappoint the Missoula crowd.

It takes a lot of energy to put on such a spectacular show. So it is only fitting that an artist like Carlos Santana needs to have a good meal before taking the stage. But, one Missoula restaurant impressed him so much that he brought it up on stage during the performance.

Santana claims Missoula restaurant makes the best shrimp cocktail.

Many Missoulians made it to the show last night. Many of those concert-goers probably grabbed a quick bite to eat at a local restaurant before the show. So did Carlos Santana. But, unlike other artists who have food catered to a hidden backstage area, Carlos Santana felt he needed a nice sit-down at a local eatery. His choice was the same place many hungry Missoulins go before a show. Of course, we are talking about the Missoula favorite, El Cazador.

We reached out to El Cazador to confirm if they were responsible for Santana's culinary joy.

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When asked if El Caz catered the concert, the person we talked to said

No, Carlos Santana dined in the restaurant. Other customers were very nice and left him alone during his meal. We were surprised no one bothered him.

When we asked if it was their fabulous shrimp enchiladas he was raving about on stage, they said

He had the shrimp COCKTAIL, not the enchilladas.

That makes sense. You wouldn't want to get too full before a performance. Having something light and fresh like a shrimp cocktail makes sense. I personally enjoy the El Caz shrimp enchiladas so much, that I plan naps after eating.

Shout out to Alfredo and the crew at El Cazador. Fingers crossed polite people and good food will encourage Santana to return someday.

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