The University of Montana

Reasons to Visit Missoula this Fall and Winter
Just because the weather gets a little colder soon, doesn’t mean that Missoula and Western Montana close the blinds and hibernate for the winter. In fact, the opposite is true. There is just as much to enjoy about our fair city when the snow flies, as when the sun shines 20 hours a day...
Signs That School is Back in Session at UM
The University of Montana campus — along with the rest of the Missoula community — has been pretty quiet for the last six weeks or so. UM students finally headed back to school Monday, as signified by the following observations.
Montana Sweeps NAU
The University Of Montana Basketball squads both put in solid performances last night, completing a sweep of Northern Arizona. The Lady Griz were at home while the Grizzlies made the journey to Flagstaff.
The Lady Griz came out on fire in the first half, en-route to a 60-48 win...