How happy is Montana? A new survey done by WalletHub has key statistics to find what states are considered happier then others.

As you can see by the interactive map below, the fact we have color in our state is a good thing. We ranked basically in the middle of the pack at #23. Overall seems we are pretty content. We could be happier I guess is what they are saying BUT it is all in YOUR perspective. We can all be happy if we chose, life is always going to have obstacles and hurdles.

Source: WalletHub

We did rank in the top 5 for highest adequate sleep rate and it surprised me that Hawaii was one of the lowest? I always figured people "relaxed" a lot more in Hawaii and therefore slept more. Another good note is we have one of the lowest long-term unemployment rates...

The one thing we did rank high on I wanted to mention is suicide rate. We have one of the highest rates in the country. If you can ever support a cause to raise awareness about this please do.

Minnesota was ranked overall the happiest state in America. Well not after the Steelers whooped them yesterday. 



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