The charges for those using, manufacturing and selling methamphetamine continue to jam the Missoula justice system.

On Friday, 35 year-old Jennifer Rodarte appeared in Missoula Justice Court before Judge Marie Anderson for possessing and intending to sell meth. Deputy Missoula County Attorney Amber Henning asked for $25,000 bail.

"This defendant was found in possession of 1.7 grams of methamphetamine, two pipes and a digital scale," Henning said. "A search of her phone revealed that she had been dealing methamphetamine. She is currently on probation for a felony DUI."

Henning explained the request for $25,000 bail.

"We feel she is a danger to the community giver her substance abuse issues, her proclivity to drive and use meth, and dealing the methamphetamine as well. We ask for standard conditions, plus drug monitoring for methamphetamine."

Judge Anderson set bail for $25,000, and remanded Rodarte back to jail. Her case will be determined in Missoula District Court.

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