When 51 year-old Mark Luithle appeared in justice court on Monday on a charge of felony partner or family member assault, the Missoula County Attorney's Office asked that bail be set at  $25,000.

Deputy County Attorney Selene Koepke emphasized Luithle's criminal background and previous convictions in asking substitute Justice of the Peace Travis Dye for a high bail.

"It appears in this case that the defendant has a substantial criminal history," Koepke said. "He acknowledged to police that he had spent time in prison for a prior PFMA, and as of today we have verified two prior convictions. In this case, your honor, the defendant threw hot coffee in the face of an ex-girlfriend and kicked her. We're asking that the defendant have absolutely no contact with the victim and that he be restrained from the residence on Cooley Street. We also ask that he be placed on GPS monitoring, if released from jail."

After the defendant asked for a lower bail amount, Judge Dye set bail at $5,000, stating that the GPS monitoring should 'take care of the public safety aspect'.

Luithle was ordered to appear in court again on June 2nd.