It's important to be prepared for those spring and summer thunderstorms. From power outages to fires starting, they can turn nasty quick.

  1. Flashlight : Make sure it works and have plenty of batteries on hand. Place it somewhere you'll remember that is easy to find in the dark.
  2. Candles: An easy, great source of light. (Have a lighter or matches in a place that's easy to find in the dark.)
  3. Sandbags: These can be useful for flooding issues and fire perimeters as well.
  4. Snacks: I laugh but it's true! It's always a good idea to have some food in the house in case of an emergency.
  5. Entertainment: Yes in severe cases this is the last worry, but when the power goes out you are happy you have some form of entertainment. Board games or backup batteries for tablets or laptops can go a long way.

Most of these things are in your home already. Just keep in mind where they are and use them when you need. Power outages are common in this area when we get a storm.

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