Thrillist has done it again: Put a list together of a bunch of stuff that we think is cool, but sometimes doesn't really matter, unless of course it has to do with Montana.

In honor of Fourth of July weekend, I found it fitting to Google the most "patriotic" beers in America. Although they don't necessarily have red, white and blue wrapped around the can or bottle, Thrillist combined a list of the "50 Most Patriotic Beers" in the U.S. and couldn't leave our a local brew.

Moose Drool, from Big Sky Brewing, made Thrillist's list.

An American brown ale out of Montana containing no actual moose saliva, it still contains the spirit of the largest extant species of the deer family. Don't let anyone call it a Eurasian elk.

Thrillist must be doing something right when they know a Montana beer perfectly embodies America when they see one.

From cheap 24-packs to notable craft brews, check out Thrillist's full list here.

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