In addition to Montana farmers and ranchers, who are the biggest winners under the US Mexico Canada Trade Agreement that House Democrats have finally agreed to support? How big of a boost will the news on this trade deal be for a potential trade deal with the Trump Administration and China?

Those were just a couple of the questions I threw at Andy Puzder, a former Trump Labor Secretary nominee who was CEO of CKE Restaurants for nearly 16 years. Puzder penned an op-ed for headlined: "USMCA's three biggest winners."

Here's the full audio of our conversation Wednesday morning on the radio:


Speaking of the USMCA...I also mentioned how President Trump called out Congressional Democrats for finally getting embarrassed into supporting the USMCA, Julio Rosas with shared the below video in his story- "Trump Skewers Democrats For Holding Up the USMCA Until Announcing Impeachment":


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