I've said this before: the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has been like the Iron Curtain here in the Rocky Mountain West. That court has been stacked with liberal judges pushing their agenda, and standing in the way of common sense, fair decisions.

As I told you back in April, President Trump is already making significant headway in reforming the 9th Circuit. Republican-appointed judges were already nearing the halfway mark when it comes to judges on the 9th Circuit.

And it looks like another nominee is well on his way.

Senator Steve Daines' (R-MT) Communications Director Katie Schoettler sent out this update earlier this week:

Thankfully, this week, the U.S. Senate will be voting on another exceptionally well-qualified, Trump appointed nominee to the 9th Circuit – Daniel Aaron Bress. Confirming more Trump appointed nominees will help clean up some of the activism via courts we’re seeing today. Bress will be the 7th Ninth Circuit nominee confirmed by the U.S. Senate since President Trump was elected.

Shoettler added that Daines will vote in favor of Bress' nomination, and shared this response from Senator Daines:

Folks in Big Sky Country are sick and tired of activist judges in California throwing rural states like Montana under the bus. These judges are legislating from the bench and not doing their job. I’m pleased to support President Trump’s nominee to the 9th Circuit this week.

Here's more from Schoetller:

Daines wants to take cleaning up the Ninth Circuit one step further by splitting the Circuit in order to give a voice back to rural states like Montana and improve the efficiency of our judicial system. Today, the Ninth Circuit is responsible for over 40% of the United States and has over 30% of ALL pending appeals.  Under the status quo, citizens are unable to get their cases heard and are therefore denied equal access to justice. Historically, the Ninth Circuit also has a poor record with SCOTUS, having a high reversal rate when their cases come before the Supreme Court.

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