Forget "equal pay." The US Women's soccer team should be getting paid more than the men! That's what I had to say earlier this week on Montana Talks.

As it turns out, the women do get paid more than the men, at least if you look at their pay as a percentage of revenue brought in by their respective organizations.

Rush Limbaugh pointed out this piece from Forbes that published earlier this year, adding:

Now, the women’s cut of $73 million is 13%. The men’s cut of the four billion is 9%. You could say that the women are being paid more, if you use the percentage as the qualifier or the calculator. But of course nobody will because 13% of $73 million is still gonna be less than 9% of four billion. So then you have to ask, well, why is men’s soccer, the men’s World Cup, why is it generating four billion and the women’s World Cup is only generating $73 million?

Click here for Rush's full commentary.

Matt Walsh also weighed in for the Daily Wire:

The highest-paid female soccer players in this country are paid almost the same as the highest-paid male soccer players. The pay gap in U.S. soccer only widens among the lower-tier players.

The women aren't even in the same universe, in terms of revenue. If the women were paid the same total as the men — $400 million — they would be making nearly four times more than they generate. The men make 7% of their revenue. The women apparently want 400% of theirs. That's absurd, obviously, to say the least.



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