A US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officer pulled an illegal alien off of an Amtrak train in Montana. The illegal alien, a DACA recipient who has been allowed to stay in the country, was met with a slew of support on social media. Some went so far as to criticize ICE for detaining the man in the first place.

This young man’s story is a good example of why the dehumanization of border patrol officers and ICE agents is so wrong. Cetindemir has been allowed to remain in America because of President Obama’s amnesty program for young illegal aliens. Other nations would not allow such a policy to go into effect. He is living the American Dream though he cut in line to illegally enter our country. Now a valid deportation order is being ignored. How is any of this proof that those working to secure our borders are abusing those they detain? He’s fortunate he was detained in Montana instead of Texas or Arizona.

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