A big victory for parents in Bozeman, Montana is getting some national attention. This, after the Bozeman school board rejected a discriminatory "equity" policy earlier in the week.

Chris Rufo highlighed the victory "for the parent movement" with this Tweet:

For those who can't view the tweet, Rufo said, "WINNING: Parents in Bozeman, Montana, have forced the school board to retract its 'equity,' 'privilege,' and 'oppression' policy and adopt a race-neutral 'student success' policy in line with the Montana Constitution. This is another huge victory for the parent movement.

Who is Chris Rufo some of you may ask? He is the guy who shined the national spotlight on the corruption in the Loudoun County, Virginia schools.

I spoke with Emily Van der Lande and Cheryl Tusken, two Bozeman parents who spoke out against the proposed "equity" policy.

Cheryl Tusken:  This is a wonderful victory. This means a lot because the policy that they were proposing last summer...was going to be the camel's nose under the tent to bring in all the other stuff that comes with equity, diversity and inclusion policies. And I'm really, really pleased with what the new policy says...this means a lot because it clarifies and it really rolls it back and says you know what we're not going to be focusing on racism and teaching our children to only focus on race and privilege and oppressors and being oppressed.

Click below to listen to the full audio with Emily and Cheryl.


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