Over the holiday break, news outlets across the country were doing articles about their top stories of 2021. We did some of our own as well.

As a result, I had a couple people reach out and ask me, "Hey, what ever happened with that story about the 8 year old kid in Livingston, Montana who was kicked off the school bus for not wearing a mask?"

Not only was he kicked off the school bus for not having a mask on him. The 8 year old boy was simply left on the side of the road.

Good question. I did some following up with both the family and the school district in Livingston.

According to Lynn Scalia, the Superintendent of the Livingston Public Schools, "the bus driver is no longer working for the Livingston School District."

The mother of the 8 year old child who was kicked off the school bus and left on the side of the road told me that the driver had been fired.

Tara Marsh: As for the bus manager, no action was taken on him. They said it is a 'he said, she said' situation and would be hard to prove anything. Very frustrated with that outcome, but happy the bus driver is no longer working for the school and that nothing worse happened to my boys.

The driver was initially placed on leave pending an investigation after the story went public on Facebook and on our local radio stations and station websites.

Click here to read the original story, along with the full message that was initially posted by the mom on Facebook.

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