The annual Bitterroot River Clean Up, organized by the Bitterroot Water Forum, covered more miles of the valley's main waterway than ever. Program Coordinator Katie Vennie said that 80 miles of the river were covered by 15 floating stretches and another 30 walking sites on the riverbanks were spread through the 155 miles of the river from the East Fork and West Fork to the county line north of Florence. Katie said the more unusual items found in the river were a TV, a wagon wheel and 13 tires. Those who found a shopping cart BBQ set-up won the "Best Trash" prize.

The Bitterroot Water Forum has brought back the 155 North fundraiser this year. You donate $100 and help the group hire a Restoration Coordinator. The group has worked on five streams and completed a dozen restoration projects. Their office on on the 100 block of South 2nd Street in Hamilton. The Bitter Root Water Forum (BRWF) is a community driven non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the traditions of agriculture, community and recreation by protecting, enhancing and restoring the Bitterroot Watershed through on the ground restoration projects and watershed education. Find out more information at their website.

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