The day after Thanksgiving, known popularly as Black Friday, can be a day of savings, but the Better Business Bureau warns shoppers to be wary of the many dangers that exist, especially when shopping online.

Better Business Bureau Director of Communications Chelsea Maguire said the weekend is full of shopping opportunities.

"There's Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday, to mark the beginning of the shopping season," Maguire said. "You really need to research the companies you'll be shopping with. When it comes to shopping online, check out the website before you buy."

"With high-dollar products like electronics, we've seen some shady deals. Not only are they not legitimate, they're trying to get your personal information, and in the end, you're not going to get the products you were hoping for."

When shopping online, Maguire said there are many extra fees that can trip up consumers.

"Make sure that you're reading return policies and refund possibilities, as well," Maguire said. "Store often try to minimize their risk by using different return policies over the holidays, so read the fine print. Return policies should be clearly posted on the website."

Maguire said if there is any question as to the legitimacy of the store or website, to contact the Better Business Bureau.

"If you see in person or online, the BBB logo, you know that company is approved by the Better Business Bureau," she said. "That can build an extra layer of trust."


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