You're hitting the gym. You're staying in shape. You're doing pretty dang good. But then you stand next to "Big Dan" Rodimer...

Bozeman, Montana's David Spady is quite the world traveler. The week before the big SHOT Show in Las Vegas, we spotted him in Mar a Lago hanging out with Donald Trump, Jr.  Here he is in the photo above showing off the DFNDR body armor with Dan Rodimer in Las Vegas. (Spady is on the left, if you were wondering)

Credit David Spady
Credit David Spady

We caught up with David Spady from radio row at the SHOT Show and talked to him about DFNDR body armor and more.

One of the coolest things Spady told us about was the DNFDR body armor backpack. Think of a normal backpack but it has a body armor plate inside to cover your back side...flip it around to the front and you've got cover there also.

David Spady: It's the lightest weight body armor that the US military contracts for, and there's also a consumer line that if you go to it's available for the public. My kids all went to school with body armor in their backpacks...the company has these panels that fit in a briefcase very easily, or kids backpack, and I carry one with me in my briefcase and my work backpack. It's a great product, very lightweight. You don't really even know you have it in there, but it'll stop a pistol at short range. I've tried it.

He also gave a shoutout to the Montana Outdoor Legacy Foundation, which he has been involved with for several years. Spady told us, "You can't have hunting without constant conservation; you really don't have conservation without hunting."

David Spady on MT Outdoor Legacy Foundation: It's a Montana based group that works with Fish, Wildlife, and Parks in Montana to do acquisitions of properties near provide more access to the great outdoors of Montana in the areas where we'd like to go and recreate.

Check out the full audio above.

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