I'm down at the SHOT show in Las Vegas with about 40,000 gun and outdoor industry professionals. It's great running into a bunch of Montanans who are down here for the event.

Earlier in the week I caught up with a SHOT show regular- Montana legislator, Army veteran, and entrepreneur Seth Berglee.

Berglee is one of the owners of a rapidly growing gun company in Bigfork, Montana called Shield Arms.

Seth Berglee: Montana has a super strong firearms freedom culture. We're very welcoming to that. Our populace is very tuned in to that. We're one of the highest percentages of gun ownership per capita. Obviously, a lot of people hunt and spend a lot of time outdoors....most people are surprised to learn how many firearms accessories, ammo, manufacturers- are in Montana.

What put Shield Arms on the map?

Seth Berglee: "The first big thing we came out with that we have a patent on is the integral folding system for an AR lower. There are some companies that make adapters that you can add to the back of your AR, so that the buffer tube stock folds.We took that a step further and made it an integral system. So it's lighter, adds about four ounces to your regular AR lower, and allows it to fold and has a steel insert and so it's super, super strong.

They also came out with was a 15 round magazine for a couple of the Glock pistols.

What's coming next from Shield Arms? Check out the full interview for the teaser and more...

Full interview:


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