The crew behind the Miss Montana to Normandy plane accomplished an incredible feat earlier this year, when they took the historic firefighting plane all the way to the beaches of Normandy for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. Now, they're headed to the Bahamas to assist with Hurricane Dorian relief efforts.

Plus, you can help by dropping off gifts by Saturday.

The Miss Montana crew shared this news on their Facebook page: (also shared here with permission)

IN HONOR of the brave pilots who selflessly served 70 years ago to aid in the Berlin Airlift, The Museum Of Mountain Flying has offered to assist and donate Miss Montana and her amazing cargo transporting capability to help feed thousands of people daily in the Grand Bahamas.

We have an Amazing group of volunteers who have lined up to travel with the plane and offer their services to assist wherever needed. We are planning to depart late Saturday evening.

We are asking for our community members to show Florida and the devastated people of the Bahamas MONTANA cares about them. We are planning to deliver backpacks 🎒 filled with baked goods and food supplies to children when we arrive in the island.

If you are interested in helping us supply them with a care package and would like to have Miss Montana deliver it please message us our bring your gift by the Museum by Saturday afternoon to be loaded for the 2000 mile journey.

We hope you are excited about this as we are and we believe this is a great use of our wonderful Montana asset to donate to a worthy cause such as this.

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