Two pipes that have funneled water under Broadway street for over a century are about to be replaced sometime in mid June.

"We are putting in a new 24'' water main in Madison street from Front to Spruce," said Mountain Water Company Civil Engineer Shanna Adams. "The transmission main will replace two aging 16'' water mains. The specific work at Broadway will just be crossing Broadway, along Madison Street."

The aging pipes in need of replacement have had leaks in the recent past. The leaks, in combination with the fact that they would be difficult to repair in an emergency situation are part of the reason why they are being replaced now.

For about one week, Broadway Street will be reduced to one lane of traffic in each direction, while the work is being done. Madison street will also see partial closures.

According to Adams the old pipe was made of galvanized steel with lead couplings. The replacement pipe will be made of iron.

Civil Engineer Shanna Adams


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