Missoula voters have turned out two conservative voices from the City Council. In Ward 4, newcomer Caitlin Copple has defeated incumbent Lynn Hellegaard 52.10% to 47.10%, while in Ward 5, Mike O'Herron has upset incumbent Renee Mitchell 55.56% to 43.74%. In the open seat on Ward 3, Alex Taft outpointed Paul Bohan and Sean Ives, while young businessman Adam Hertz narrowly defeated Pam Walzer 50.95% to 48.45%.

The Corporate Personhood referendum was overwhelmingly passed by Missoula voters 74.45% for to 25.55% against. I spoke with head of the Montana State Republican Party Will Deschamps about the results. That interview is attached, as well as an interview with Ward 4's winner Caitlin Copple.