There is not a lot of choice when it comes to actual water-parks or winter water fun locally but here are the closest 4 water parks to the Missoula area.

This are under 6 hour drives from this area. Sometimes it is important to take the family or kids on a little road trip. Or maybe you just need to be a kid and play in the water for a day yourself!





  • 1

    The Reef in Billings

    The Reef Indoor Waterpark is located about 5 hours from Missoula and offers winter fun in the water and all year long.

  • 2

    Lava Olympic Swimming Pool & Waterpark

    This is located near Pocatello, Idaho. It looks fun and offers indoor and outdoor but looks like a lot of the slides are outside.

  • 3

    Raptor Reef Indoor Water Park

    This would be a a lot of fun for the kid who loves dinosaurs and water. A turn back in time.

  • 4

    Silver Mountain Indoor Water Park

    This is a lot of fun for winter outside fun and indoor water park fun here. A popular stop for families.

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