25 year-old Veronica Gandy was charged in Missoula Justice Court on Friday with felony assault on a minor, and two misdemeanors, partner or family member assault and violation of a no contact order. 

Court documents indicate that Gandy was involved in an altercation with her female spouse, identified as Mary Doe when Gandy also began yelling at a four year-old child identified as Jane Doe. Gandy punched Mary Doe several times in the head while the child was screaming. When Mary Doe attempted to escape to the bathroom, she saw Gandy begin to punch the child. Mary Doe intervened and Gandy began choking her.

Both Mary and Jane Doe were transported to the hospital for treatment for their injuries.

The defendant called Mary Doe twice after being transported to the jail when a no-contact order was written. She called once more after the no contact order.

During her appearance in justice court, Deputy Missoula County Attorney Brittany Santorno said Gandy reportedly had assaulted her spouse on several previous occasions.

"The victim reports a history of domestic violence in the relationship," Santorno said. "The state will be requesting a bond of $20,000 with no contact orders for either victim, as well as contact with her own child only under supervision of CPS. We would also ask for testing for both alcohol and methamphetamine, along with other standard conditions."

Judge Marie Anderson set bail for Gandy at $15,000 and ordered her to appear again on March 25.