In case you missed it, country music star Tracy Byrd did the watermelon crawl during a ride-along with a Great Falls, Montana police officer.

Click here for the full video posted on The Great Falls Police Department Facebook page. The GFPD added this description:

COP CAR KARAOKE with Tracy Byrd Music. Senior Police Officer Aaron McAdam got the chance to take country music superstar Tracy Byrd on a special ride-along. Watch and learn how Mr. Byrd found his talent, how Jennifer Love Hewitt fits into McAdam's life, and what both of these men think of texting and driving.

As you can see, Officer McAdam is quite the musician in his own right. And apparently the GFPD's lip syncing talent put them in the running for a prime-time TV slot, as KRTV reports.

The below rendition of "Girls Like You" was put together by the GFPD about a year ago, and you wouldn't even know they were lip syncing!

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