Did you see the man parachuting through the sky with that gigantic American flag above Billings over the weekend?

That was retired Army Sergeant First Class Dana Bowman. He's a former green beret and Army Golden Knight who lost his legs in a parachuting accident and has now logged more than 5,000 jumps.

Check out the video below as he jumped in to the Veteran Air Warriors banquet that took place Friday night in Billings featuring Fox News contributor Johnny "Joey" Jones- a wounded Marine Corps veteran.

Here's Dana Bowman talking to the crowd outside of the Billings Flying Service hangar shortly after landing- you can see Johnny "Joey" Jones in the background on the left. On the right is Navy SEAL Bo Reichenbach, who also lost his legs in Afghanistan and was in the hospital at the same time as Joey:

Credit Aaron Flint

In the photo below, Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-MT) chats with Joey Jones, former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, and Bo Reichenbach.

Credit Aaron Flint

Here's another photo of Dana Bowman speaking to the crowd:

Credit Aaron Flint


Here's the video of the jump:

Corporate Air CEO and Veteran Air Warriors Founder Mike Overstreet described the Veteran Air Warriors program on Montana Talks with Aaron Flint:

Mike Overstreet: We're providing scholarships for veterans, after they get separated from the military to pursue a career in aviation. So the government requires that you have a private pilot's license- you have to pay for that yourself. A lot of vets don't have that money. So we scholarship em- and we got 'sponsor a vet.'


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