In the last year or so, women across Montana may have started getting letters urging them to get MRIs instead of mammograms when it comes to breast cancer screenings. How come? Should women be concerned?

It comes down to breast density, as Dr. Scott Sears with St. Vincent Healthcare tells us. If a woman's breasts are too dense, a mammogram alone may not be a reliable enough indicator for breast cancer. As a result, many women are being urged by providers to get an MRI every year following a new law now on the books. The challenge? Many insurance companies may not cover the MRI.

Doc Sears covered all that and more as he joined us on the radio Tuesday morning. We covered a whole host of topics, including listener phone calls. He also told us how anti-inflammatory medication used to treat gout, could also be helpful in preventing heart attacks.

Check out our full conversation below.

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