Karis Newbary is a Missoula mother who has been fighting breast cancer since Sept. 11, 2015. She has two kids Macey who is a senior at Big Sky, Bryar is a sophomore at Sentinal, and a loving husband supporting her. Karis is stronger than strong, as she is battling through her second round of chemo right now, hopes are this round will be done April 11, 2016. After a few weeks she will then have surgery, then waiting almost a month after surgery, Karis will then start 6+ weeks of radiation. As most of us know, even with insurance these procedures and treatments costs lots of money, that's why the pizza fund raiser was set up!

Tonight is the night, all you have to do to help is order a Pizza Hut from any Missoula or even the Lolo Pizza Hut and 10% of the proceeds will go to the Newbary family for those costs. Plus you don't have to argue with your spouse about what to do for dinner tonight!

I remember when my grandmother was battling breast cancer and what a milestone it was when she finally beat it. I wish the very same for Karis, and can't wait until she has beaten cancer.


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