Just ten dollars gave a great many individuals a chance to rappel off the roof of the First Interstate bank building on Saturday in a fundraiser for the Missoula United Way.

The 'Over the Top' event brought brave souls from many walks of life including NBC Montana anchor Maritsa Georgiou who confessed to having a fear of heights before rappelling down the six story building.

"They had several attendants helping to harness us in," said Georgiou. "They were testing everything, I think they did three or four tests just to make sure everything was safe and foolproof. There's almost a seat belt on it, and there's a governor on it so you can't go too fast, and it will lock up and stop if you go too fast. It was great, it was really fun, but I did not look down, I'll tell you that."

Georgiou said the experience lasted only a few minutes, but offered a unique view of Missoula.

"It only lasted a few minutes, but what's so cool about the First Interstate Bank building is its all glass, so I could see the Missoula valley behind me in the reflection," she said. "So, I got to enjoy the beauty of Missoula without having to look down."

Dr. James McKay, an administrator at Missoula's Providence St. Patrick Hospital gave the crowd a thrill by rappelling down the side of the building rapidly, due to his years of experience as a Smoke Jumper.


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