The old Safeway location on Broadway has been empty for several years, but soon, Providence Montana will be breaking ground for their multi-million dollar new Medical Office Building.

Joyce Dombrouski, Chief Executive, Providence Montana made the announcement on Tuesday.

“We have been planning this project in earnest since 2016, although we’ve had plans for that building in our master plan for many years,” said Dombrouski. “We’ll do the groundbreaking in October and that will allow us to start with the parking structure which has three levels and over 500 spaces, and them we’ll move to the other three floors of the Medical Office Building, and it will take us about three years from October to complete that.”

Dombrouski described the services to be offered in the new Medical Office Building.

“We have the major components identified that will include an ambulatory surgery space,” she said. “ It will include the International Heart Institute, a scope of neuroscience services and it will include some internal medicine physicians and then we’ll figure out the ‘stacking’ of those in terms of what’s going to be on what floor and the ultimate square footage across the next 15 to 18 months.”

Dombrouski said there will be a special feature connecting the new Medical Office Building to the main St. Patrick Hospital campus.

“Yes, we are contemplating a bridge between the Medical Office Building and St. Patrick Hospital,” she said. “We’ve talked about the need to do that for pedestrian ease, but also for patient ease should we need to move a patient across to the hospital. I can’t really tell you the length of the bridge but it would be from the northeast corner of the building to the main elevator shaft of the hospital.”

Providence Montana has more than 40 clinics, two hospitals and over 2,400 caregivers providing serves that began more than 146 years ago.

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