On Friday, Missoula wrapped up its version of an economic seminar.

Patrick Barkey with the University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research explained how it went:

"It's nice that this event is on the business calendar so we see the same people over the years and we get their reactions to what we say," Barkey said. "When we talk about what's going on with employment, what's going on with business, we always get agreement or disagreement, but we always get a lot of information."

Barkey said a morning full of presentations allowed for business heads to present their views on the local economy, particularly real estate in town.

"Some of the things we said with economic growth resonated, particularly I think the real estate situation in Missoula, we talked about that a fair amount," Barkey said. "We do a notice from not just data, but from what people tell us that labor markets are getting tighter. It's getting harder for employers to find workers. That is just the tip of the iceberg for a whole morning's worth of stories and interactions that always leave us much better."

Barkey added that commercial construction around town is “pretty promising” and that there is a “pretty good picture” for Missoula overall with growths finally coming to levels that the community is more accustomed too.

The next stop for Barkey and his team is Helena on Tuesday.

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