Bottom Line Up Front: Emily Pennington and her parents were LIVE on Fox & Friends from Billings, Montana on Saturday morning. Check out the video below.

Background: The entire community of Billings, and really folks all across Montana, have been rallying for Emily Pennington. Emily is the Billings West High School cheerleader with Down Syndrome. Due to the outdated School District 2 "age out" policy, the school district has been refusing to allow her, and kids like her, to graduate and attend their senior year of high school.

After we heard from Emily's parents on Thursday morning's radio show, I got an email from one of our radio listeners named Joan. Joan sent me this e-mail:

Good morning. I have a thought to run by you. Regarding Emily 's story. Since you have connections with Fox News, I'd like to see if you could contact  Rachel Campos Duffy and Sean Duffy to tell them her story. They also have a daughter who has Down Syndrome and had a news story just a couple of weeks ago about her and other parents issues. I am hoping to get the word out nationally.  Thanks for all you do and love your show!

Thanks to Joan's email, Emily and her family were LIVE on Fox & Friends on Saturday morning with Rachel Campos-Duffy. After receiving Joan's email, I recalled that Rachel Campos-Duffy actually was here in Billings, Montana back in April of 2019. She spoke on the Rocky Mountain College campus with the Young Americans for Freedom Chapter there. Big thanks to YAF chapter leader Emily Schneller from Livingston, Montana for linking us up with Rachel and helping to share Emily's story.

Rachel Campos-Duffy opened up the segment by reporting how "her entire community and a US senator are rallying behind her." Emily's dad James Pennington opened up with a great point on national TV.

Q from Rachel Campos Duffy: She started school a little late because she had surgeries like so many children with Down Syndrome have when they're very young, hers was open-heart just like my daughter's was. Why is the district being such a stickler about this? I mean, she's 19, she's not 28.

Answer from James Pennington: This question's getting asked all over the community. It's amazing. They (the school district) took a huge amount of COVID money to give themselves enormous bonuses, and yet they keep on talking about money. Out of their mouth comes out- if we allow just one in, we need to allow all the rest of them, which is- it's heartbreaking for us.

Here's video of the Pennington family LIVE on Fox & Friends on Saturday morning:



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