What's one of the best things about living in Montana? The opportunity to get out and hunt and fish. But think about it- for a lot of single moms out there, they may not have the chance for their kids to ever have an opportunity to get out hunting or fishing.

I've heard great things about a national organization known as Fathers in the Field, which actually got started down in Lander, Wyoming back in the mid 2000's. Fathers in the Field is a faith-based organization that partners with local churches to help mentor young men who are being raised by single moms. One of the many things these mentors will do for these young men, is take them out hunting and fishing.

I caught up with Doug Fourtner. He's the Montana Regional Missionary for Fathers in the Field. They just officially set up shop in Montana in April and are looking to partner with more churches across the state. Check out the audio of our conversation below:

More info about Fathers in the Field:

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