Oh brother. How much of our taxpayer dollars have been wasted? We're now over $30 trillion in debt, and how many years into this "pandemic"- and they couldn't find Made in the USA COVID tests to ship out to the American people? Unbelievable.

Here's a photo of the COVID test kit that one of our radio listeners, Robert in Billings, received in the mail and dropped off at the station for us:

Credit Aaron Flint
Credit Aaron Flint

Yep, you can see it right there in the small print: "Made in China." Makes you wonder just how much money China is making off of this whole pandemic (that started in China), doesn't it?

I've gotten several other complaints from folks across Montana who received the same test kits in the mail from the federal government. Why in the world is our government, and President Joe Biden, sending out Made in China test kits?

Chris Averill in Helena shared the same concerns via Twitter on Wednesday.

Genuine question: In 2020 all we heard from Joe Biden and his side was “use the Defense Production Act to combat COVID.” So why, after a year in office, is the Biden Administration paying for and mailing out COVID tests made in CHINA? Where is the competence and leadership??

Berne Stober had a funny reply via Twitter also:

There’s probably ten percent for the big guy buried so deep in there that only a forensic accountant would find it.

Look at how much China has profited from the "pandemic" even though they have blocked efforts to investigate the origins of COVID-19. The global community is still allowing them to host the winter Olympics. China is so bad on human rights that even the FBI is warning Olympic athletes to bring burner phones to the games.

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