The National Weather Service has called for a flash flood watch in the area of the Lolo Creek Complex fires due to rain and thunderstorms moving into Western Montana.

Chief hydrologist Ray Nickless said the rains could cause problems in areas already eroded due to fire damage.

"It's a flash flood watch, since these fires have burned a lot of ground, and in certain areas where the fire burned very hot, they can be susceptible to heavy downpours," Nickless said. "We've got a lot of moisture moving into the area and we have a good chance of some thunderstorms today through tomorrow."

Nickless said the heavy rains could cause problems for both firefighters and homeowners.

"Rainfall hitting the hillsides can wash out the roads," Nickless said. "There are also a few homes up in that area that, if they got enough rain, could have a problem with the water rushing into the homes."

The Lolo Creek Complex is expected to be 100 percent contained by today, Tuesday, September 3.