The basketball court and baseball fields at the Lolo schools were filled with firefighters and firefighting tools , August 29. Lolo Middle School Principal Shawna Kientz said it was meaningful to see the children visiting with the firefighters that had helped save their school from the Lolo Creek Complex.

"The community here has been effected by this," Kientz said. "It's nice to be able to have the students see what the career is like of being a firefighter. It's timely, and it's nice for them entering back into school to learn how the community was effected and what efforts went into protecting the community."

Many of the children wore yellow and green clothing to school on Thursday, similar in color to the Nomex gear used by firefighters. Kientz said the color coordination was no accident.

"We asked the students to put on the green and yellow to show their support of the firefighters," Kientz said.

Students were able to watch a slide show of how the Lolo Creek Complex is being fought, and met with Montana DNRC and National Forest Service Crew members that had come in to Missoula County from as far away as Illinois.

Photo courtesy of Jon King