Former Missoula City Councilman Adam Hertz has thrown his hat in the ring for higher office. He is running for Montana House District 96 on the Republican ticket. 

Hertz said he is ready to step up after encouragement from his former constituents as a city councilor, that his voice is needed in Helena.

"I just started discussing concerns with my constituents and it was just a great opportunity to take a step forward and hopefully start building a better future for the state of Montana," Hertz said. "The biggest issue I see is tax reform. There was a good income tax reform bill that my opponent voted against and the governor ultimately vetoed, but it has a wide range of support from chambers of commerce, Montana CPA's a business folks for simplification of our income tax structure."

Hertz said he wants to see some of the tax monies paid by citizens returned by state government.

"I'd like to return the state surplus back to the people that paid it," he said. "I understand the importance of a rainy day fund for when the economy goes bad, but the majority of that money needs to be returned to the taxpayer."

Hertz said being on the losing end of votes again and again as the sole conservative on the Missoula City Council has prepared him to encourage all sides of an issue to be heard.

"Oftentimes, finding myself on the losing side of a 1 to 11 vote, I think I can really understand and work with the other side of the aisle," Hertz continued. "I know I can work with the opposition when appropriate, just because I know what its like to be there, and I think that's a really good experience for me to bring to the state legislature."

Hertz' opponent is Democrat incumbent Andrew Person.