Healthy Start Missoula has announced a new program called "Recess For Parents." It's open to all parents, and the best part? It's FREE.

Not every parent has grandparents or friends to help them care for their kiddos when something comes up, like appointments or work meetings. Or maybe you've just reached the end of your rope and need a break.

That's where the Parenting Place comes in. They are located at 1644 S 8th St. West in Missoula and offer the "Recess For Parents" from 4-7 p.m. Monday through Friday. Children are cared for by trained staff, and are fed a nutritious meal.

Call ahead to set up an appointment for enrollment.  Once your child is enrolled, you can call in the morning to reserve a spot for evening child care.  Spots for Friday’s child care session can be reserved earlier in the week in case you need to make plans ahead of time.  This service is for everyone, so call today to sign up!

You can reach the Parenting Place at 728-5437.