Here's what ticks me off about Joe Biden and the Democrat party of today: If they can't take credit for the victory, they refuse to call it a victory.

Rather than praise President Trump and the US military for a huge victory- taking out the man responsible for killing hundreds of American soldiers, taking out the man who was in the midst of planning even more attacks on America- former Vice President Joe Biden is instead attacking President Trump.

The other big news story this week is the shutdown of Units 1 & 2 at the coal fired power plant in Colstrip, Montana. I'm already seeing liberal activists cheering the shutdown.

Here's the deal: If you are cheering the news of the shutdown of Colstrip 1&2 and attacking the takedown of terror leader Suleimani, it's time for you to ask yourself whose side you are really on.

Here's my immediate reaction to both of these stories shortly after 6AM Friday morning:


By the way, speaking of the news about Suleimani being taken down...retired Lt. Colonel James Carafano was ON A ROLL on Twitter Friday morning.

Below is video of him live on Fox News later in the day.


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