Pharm406 is taking their "Get a Brew, Not the Flu" events back out on the road this week across the state.

I'll be there for the events, and a LIVE radio show from Missoula's Paradise Falls restaurant on Wednesday morning.

We recently took you to Miles City and Glendive. This week, we'll be in Butte and Missoula. It's all part of our "Hometown Handshake" as we take you all across the state with Pharm406.

On Tuesday night, I'll see our Butte friends at The Quarry Brewing on 124 W. Broadway in Butte.

I'll get there right around 5 pm., and Kyle Austin and his crew from Pharm406 will be there from 5-7 p.m. for their "Get a Brew, Not the Flu" event.

Pharm406 will have their flu shots on hand- and if you get the shot, you'll get a free beer. This is something he started up long before it became a trend here in Montana. and he's doing it again this Fall. Not only will he have his flu shots on hand, but for anyone who wants a shingles vaccine, a tetanus shot, pneumonia vaccine...and yes- even a COVID vaccine...they'll have them all in the house for those who want 'em.

Then on Wednesday morning we will be LIVE with the statewide radio talk show- "Montana Talks with Aaron Flint"- from Paradise Falls Restaurant in Missoula.

If you got something you want to talk about and share with our statewide audience- drop down and see us at Paradise Falls restaurant in Missoula. I'll be set up as early as 7 a.m. if you want to drop by and say hi. Or, join us for our statewide broadcast from 9-10 a.m.

Wednesday afternoon, join me at Cranky Sam Brewing in Missoula.

I'll pop in there for another Pharm406 "Get a Brew, Not the Flu" event starting at 2 p.m. Hope to see you and enjoy a beverage with you if you can meet us in Butte or Missoula. Pharm406 will be there until 6.

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