If you really want to experience Big Sky Country Montana, you gotta get to the Hi Line. That's where you really get to experience the great wide open...and the great people.

We're hitting the Hi Line later this week with Montana's statewide radio talk show- "Montana Talks with Aaron Flint."

It's part of our Hometown Handshake tour thanks to Pharm406.

Before we get to the Hi Line though, we're going to start with a LIVE show from Conrad, Montana on Wednesday morning.

We'll be broadcasting live from Frontline Ag in Conrad on Wednesday morning.

The statewide show goes from 9-10 a.m if you want to come down and join us on the microphone. I'll also be set up starting at 6 a.m. if anyone wants to drop by, say hi, and join us for a cup of coffee.

Then on Thursday morning, we'll take you to Malta, Montana- right on Highway 2. Montana Talks will be LIVE statewide from 9-10 a.m. We'll have the microphones open once again for any of our listeners in the Malta area that want to come down and join us on the show.

We'll be doing Thursday's show LIVE from Missouri River Realty in Malta.

Come down and join us on the microphone, or just drop in to say hi.

Later that afternoon, we'll tag along with Kyle Austin and his crew from Pharm406 as they host their "Get a Brew, Not the Flu" event from the new brewery in Malta.

  • Thursday, October 14th from 12pm-4pm @ "Get a Brew, Not the Flu" Blue Ridge Brewing (Malta)
  • Friday, October 15th from 12pm-6pm @ Reynolds Market (Glasgow) $5 Reynolds bucks with vaccine!
  • Saturday, October 16th from 12pm-6pm @ Reynolds Market (Miles City) $5 Reynolds bucks with vaccine!

Check out Pharm406.com for all their latest events.

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