You gotta love a good Toddler Trot and the 2017 race is finally here! This actually might be one of my favorite events to watch. There is just something so funny about watching these little cuties hustle up and down the court to win glory and honor for their family!

If you think Dance Moms are bad, just wait for Toddler Trot parents! Haha But to be fair there are AAA memberships at stake!

The race is goin down at halftime at the Griz men's basketball game in the Dahlberg Arena on January 12th at 7pm.

As of right now there is going to be one main heat, but if there are an excessive amount of entries they said they will add a second heat.

The age group will be children walking age to three years old. The kiddos will have to walk/run from the baseline to the half-court line inside the arena.

The families of the winners will recieve AAA memberships!

For more information or to register your child click HERE!

Griz Todler Trot 2017
Griz Todler Trot 2017

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