Missoula Police are asking the public for help in identifying a man who is a suspect in two theft cases at Southgate Mall and who was seen on Sunday, possibly attempting more crimes. Missoula Police public information officer Travis Welsh explains.

"We have some surveillance photos that depict a male who was believed to have been involved in some minor thefts, which are under investigation, but he's also been seen trying to get into vehicles by trying door handles on cars," Welsh said.

The man was seen attempting to open car doors in a business parking lot off of north Reserve. He was also seen in a newer, silver Chevrolet, possibly a Chevrolet Malibu.

Surveillance video was able to capture part of the Chevrolet’s license plate which begins with the number 54, indicating that the driver may not be from Missoula and could be coming into town from Mineral County.

Photo courtesy of Missoula Police Department
Photo courtesy of MPD
Photo courtesy of MPD