26 year-old Micah Baldwin, already in jail on a charge of assault with a weapon, was charged on Tuesday with four counts of being a prisoner in possession of a deadly weapon.

According to court documents, on May 9, Baldwin allegedly became combative with another inmate, and when restrained, he was discovered to have a spoon that had been sharpened into a sharp point. Then, on the 31st, Baldwin flooded his cell and displayed another shank he had made and asked officers if they thought it would go through an officer's neck. On June 8th, Baldwin was seen sharpening another utensil into a shank and was convinced to give it up. Then, on June 9, Baldwin became combative with officers, and when he was restrained, was found to have yet another shank hidden in his underwear.

At his justice court appearance, Chief Deputy Missoula County Attorney Jason marks asked Judge Karen Orzech for a bail amount of $50,000.

"The State would recommend bail of $50,000 consecutive to his current bail in the current case he has pending in district court, which involves threatening another man with a handgun," Marks said. "Given his ongoing dangerous and threatening behavior in the jail, I think he poses a significant community safety risk."

Judge Orzech agreed, and set bail at $50,000, and ordered Baldwin not to have any weapons in his possession...especially homemade weapons.