Much like Obamacare, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has been a train wreck. Liberal judges in San Francisco have been in the back pocket of the radical environmental groups and nearly every other Left-Wing lobby. But the train is now getting back on the tracks, thanks to President Donald Trump.

Last week, I was first to share the news here in Montana that the president was nominating Montana's former Solicitor, Lawrence VanDyke to the 9th Circuit. This is big news not just for Montanans, but for all Westerners who simply want a fair shake out of the courts.

Biased judges put on the federal bench by Montana's Democrat senators, and Democrat presidents have served as a blank check for the extremists--blocking the Keystone pipeline, ruling against the clean-burning Powder River Basin Coal, and blocking fuel reduction efforts to save our national forests.

But now they don't have the top cover for their crazy decisions that they once had. President Trump is bringing about important, much-needed change to the 9th Circuit. Lawrence VanDyke is the latest example.

So, in addition to being a Montana State University alum, who is Lawrence VanDyke?National Review answered that very question. Here's an excerpt:

VanDyke was born, raised, and has lived most of his adult life in the West; he has spent his legal career on the front lines fighting against federal government overreach threatening the livelihood of this region. Few nominees understand the unique challenges faced by states within their circuits the way VanDyke understands the challenges faced by states in the Ninth Circuit.  He has litigated a number of issues of particular concern to ranching, farming, and small business communities in the Western states.

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How significant is VanDyke's nomination to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals? Kevin Daley has this for The Daily Caller:

  • If the Senate confirms the president’s remaining nominees, the 9th Circuit will have 16 Democrat-appointed judges and 13 Republican appointees, as compared to an 18-to-seven split when Trump took office.

  • The president named two more 9th Circuit nominees, Patrick Bumatay and Lawrence VanDyke, on Friday.


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