House Democrats made a statement yesterday...a statement of hate. Hatred for the President of the United States. Plain and simple. And yet, several Democrats voted against or simply "present" on impeachment.

That was my reaction to Wednesday's impeachment vote by House Democrats. I shared my thoughts via Twitter and Facebook and got some great reactions from many of you as well.

Here's some of the reactions I got via Facebook Thursday morning also.

Pam in Billings:

This is hatred for the people who voted for him. Not for just the POTUS.

Bret in Butte:

Everyone needs to remember that this sham was predicated on one thing....hearsay. Nothing else. No facts. No evidence. No truth. Just gossip, plain and simple.

Monica in Billings:

It's likely to backfire. They need to realize impeachment doesn't remove him from office. I feel like they are confusing a political race with an actual race. If the winner were to get remove the loser doesn't get the spot here. It would go to Trump. Perhaps we need to do a series in how government actually works.

Michael in Helena:

Trump Derangement Syndrome is real. They just handed Trump 5 more years of lifetime court appointments. RBG will retire after Trump’s reelection. This bonehead move will haunt the democrats for years.

Sandy in Kalispell:

I heard the Democrats many times say we need to uphold the constitution and at the same time trash it. They are the ones who are trying to take away the 1st and 2nd Amendments. This whole process is appalling as they are abusing their powers in Congress.

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