It was the day after the public impeachment hearings kicked off, and The New York Times was tuning in to Montana Talks.

Many of you know that we have a statewide radio show that airs from 9-10AM on 24 radio signals across Montana with "Montana Talks." Well, I also have a local show that starts in Billings at 6AM, and starts in Kalispell at 8AM.

On Thursday's show, apparently The New York Times tuned in for all four hours of the show. They wanted to hear the reactions all across the country following the first day of the public impeachment hearings. Click here for their full story.

You'll really have to check out their whole write-up, but here's an excerpt:


There was little urgency to dissect the impeachment hearings during four hours of morning conservative talk radio in Montana. Aaron Flint, the host for KBUL in Billings, had plenty to say, but he felt he had already said it the day before.

“If you want to hear my reaction to this impeachment circus yesterday, I think Adam Schiff blew it right with the opener,” Mr. Flint said, directing listeners to the station’s website where he blasted the Democratic head of the House Intelligence Committee.



discussing his new book about WWI veterans in Montana, and more. Other guests on the show that morning that were not mentioned by the NYT included


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